Rant about this cool new blog

Just found this cool new website that has a whole bunch of my favorite environmental scenes all on one page. I always get inspired looking at this page at http://www.conceptenvironment.com

Speed paint

Had a little downtime at my company finally. Did a quick speedpaint. Boy its cloudy today.

Roooar. OOoh Ah AH!

From Hapa to Full Korean

Hot Innocent Korean girls

Piece I did for a client friend of mine....

Spider-man swinging through New York

I've always wanted to do a spider-man piece growing up. He's one of my favorite characters and the chance to get my geek on is what got me into art in the first place. Next up, Shredder!


Designer Purses Done In Illustrator

Some Designer Purses Done In Illustrator

Hot Hapa Girl Pinup Poster

Grand Theft Auto

Finshed painting.  Grand Theft Auto Inspiration Painting


The Devil's Blade

Prop pieces a company asked me to do. Doing fantasy pieces are fun cause you can break so many rules. Enjoy

Superman in Shanghai

Supeman is in China and he needs the kryptonite.

Robot Doodles

Random robot doodles

Rey Bustos Anatomy Class

Pen studies of the anatomy.

Watercolor Park Studies

Watercolor study on postcard

Lost in Space Character Designs

I was assgined to do these in a really flat 2d style. Surprisingly I found these more challenging and rewarding.

Interior Decoration

Simple effective design shapes always feel very solid to me

Golden Boy

Playing with some new brushes...

Treasure Island Basement Illustration

I did this in my Sketching for Entertainment class with Will Westont. It was fun researching different pirate products and toys and then putting it all together in a stylized picture